Resident Services

Rappahannock Goodwill Laundry can provide healthcare facilities with complete linen rental or Customer Owned Goods (COG) linen services including the cleaning of Nursing Home resident clothing.

Goodwill Laundry utilizes state-of-the-art finishing equipment and a bar-coded net bag system to collect, track and process resident or student clothing keeping each person’s clothes separate throughout the wash, dry, fold and transport process.

For a reasonable per pound charge, Goodwill Laundry will remove all of the labor, utility, supplies, and maintenance costs associated with the washing, drying and assembling of your residents’ or students’ clothing. Your staff’s only responsibility under this program is to collect individually bagged soiled clothing in a cart supplied by Goodwill on a specific day and to distribute the separate, cleaned, hanging or folded clothing back to the resident/students room 48 hours later.

Rappahannock Goodwill Laundry’s Management team has over 40 years of managing resident/student clothing programs in many different facilities. There is no question that this service will save your facility money while improving resident care. Please contact Goodwill so we can explain this service in more detail and crunch the number to show the savings potential of this important outsourcing opportunity.

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