Rappahannock Goodwill Laundry provides rental and COG linen service to a wide variety of healthcare customers throughout the greater Washington DC area.

Goodwill Laundry understands that we are Essential Service Providers to our healthcare customers. Our customers benefit from our “No Excuses” process that provides high-quality linens, excellent order fill rates, and consistent on-time deliveries.

Goodwill Laundry Management staff has over 40 years of healthcare laundry experience including two Laundry & Linen Managers (CLLM) certifications and one Registered Laundry & Linen Director (RLLD) certification. Goodwill Laundry assists our customers to educate staff about proper linen usage and install linen tracking soft-wear that reduces our customer’s linen service costs.

Please contact Rappahannock Goodwill laundry if you’re thinking about outsourcing your linen service needs or are looking for an alternative to your current linen service provider. As an HLAC accredited, not-for-profit healthcare laundry Goodwill can provide your facility with high quality, long term, and affordable solution to your linen service needs.

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Phone: 540-372-3934
Address: RGI Laundry, 480 Central Road, Fredericksburg, VA 22401

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