About RGI Laundry

RGI Laundry is a HLAC certified commercial laundry provider specializing in servicing rental and customer owned goods as well as laundering resident clothing.

To meet the needs of our customers throughout the region, RGI Laundry takes pride in customizing services to unique specifications.

Discover how your facility can benefit from our experience. At no cost, we will compare your current laundry expenses with the cost to outsource all of your laundry needs to RGI Laundry.

RGI Laundry has the capacity to process approximately 8.5 million pounds of laundry per year. Our facility has 24,000 square feet on the production floor, allowing room for continued growth. We are located in Fredericksburg, Virginia and provide a wide range of customers with customized services.

RGI Laundry services both rental and customer owned goods for the healthcare, hospitality, and federal markets in Virginia, Maryland, southern Pennsylvania, and the Washington metropolitan area.

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